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The Hyundai Inster is a cool, small EV — so of course it’s not coming to the US

Rendering of a three-quarter view of the Hyundai Inster subcompact SUV parked on a city street next to a free-standing electric car charger,
Image: Hyundai

Meet the Hyundai Inster, the latest cute, small electric vehicle that is being cruelly denied a North American debut. This subcompact EV has over 200 miles of range, an almost retro-inspired interior aesthetic (think lots of plastic and chunky buttons), and an adorable face that won’t be making an appearance on US roads any time soon.

Oh, and did I mention that it will be very affordable? Automotive News is reporting that the Inster will be priced below $26,000. So not only is Hyundai entering the fray for affordable EVs, but it’s doing it as at an extreme distance from the US — which is very much in need of affordable EVs.

Tesla is being wishywashy on making a more affordable $25,000 “Model 2.” Ford is still trying to…

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