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Ikea’s AI assistant gives design inspiration — at least it tries to

ikea gpt ai assistant screenshot
Screenshot of the Ikea AI Assistant | Ikea

Trips to Ikea can easily be an overwhelming exercise if you go in without a plan. Ikea’s AI assistant on the GPT Store was created to help — it will tell you all about its products and visualize them in a room.

Francesco Marzoni, chief data and analytics officer at Ingka Group, the largest Ikea franchise holder, said in a press release the AI assistant is part of a series of experiments the company is doing “so that we can take part in the AI evolution as we shape our company strategy.”

I figured an Ikea AI Assistant should be a good way to make the experience less exhausting; this is part of Ikea’s pitch to potential users. So I decided to give it a try. However, I found that the Ikea GPT was not a good partner in interior design.


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