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Wacom’s new drawing tablets offer creative flexibility on a budget

A lifestyle image of someone using a new Wacom One display tablet to illustrate a blue-haired cartoon character.
A single USB-C cable for a display tablet? About dang time. | Image: Wacom

Wacom is fleshing out its range of affordable drawing tablets with four new additions to the Wacom One product family. Designed as an entry-level platform for students, educators, and those new to creative drawing hardware, the new Wacom One range aims to provide “choice and customization” to support different needs.

The four tablets come in two varieties: the Wacom One 12 ($399.99) and Wacom One 13 touch ($599.99) “pen display” tablets with built-in screens or the Wacom One S ($99.99) and Wacom One M ($149.99) traditional “pen tablets,” which don’t feature a display.

Image: Wacom

The new Wacom One 12 and 13 touch look visually similar to the existing Wacom One display tablet.

The Wacom One 12 and Wacom One 13…

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